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Chicago School of Flower Design Students & Graduates are busy Designing all over the “Windy City”

The Chicago School of Flower Design, is a great way to master the art of floral design! Founded by celebrity florist, Michael Gaffney, their students learn a large variety of different floral designs. Everything from traditional to contemporary design work is covered during their exciting 8- or 12-week semester. The school provides great training in the art of floral design and their students graduate with a portfolio of their design work. The Chicago School of Flower Design is located in the Kennicotts Floral Wholesale house. This allows our students to access the best flowers from around the world. Everything needed to train their students is located right at their fingertips. A gorgeous mix of fresh flower and green materials are provided to the students during each day’s class (all materials are included with the tuition cost), as well as live demonstrations, flower market field trips, instructor assistance and best of all, hands on designing by the students themselves. Michael Gaffney who has been featured on the Hallmark Channel, Today Show and Huffington Post states, “In my book Design Star, there are 100 tips to flower design, but in class there are 1000. Being in class and having that one-on-one access to an instructor is important to learning good design habits and techniques.”

Classes in Chicago are offered in the afternoon and evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week during the semester. The school is located at Ashland and Grand making it easily accessible from all parts of the city. The school is about two miles West of The Miracle Mile allowing visitors great shopping when in Chicago. There is also free parking at the Chicago School’s location. Space is limited and pre-registration is required. If you would like more information about classes, how to register or would like to try a free class, please call 1-877-322-5666 today!

Masters Classes Have Started!

The Masters portion of the summer semester has started in Chicago and the students can look forward to expanding their resumes to include: gorgeous event pieces, funeral sprays, cascading bouquets and much more as they progress  through the 4 week course.

At the Chicago School of Flower design, we run a masters class at the end of each ‘Design Star’ semester with the intention of expanding our students flower design knowledge.  The Masters course focuses on the larger event, wedding and funeral pieces that are often requested in the industry today.  Once our students obtain and fine tune the instructions that they receive during this course, they can then go out into the industry and put into motion all that they have learned…becoming a true ‘Master of Design’.  We believe at the American Schools of Flower Design, that to be a true ‘Master’, you must gain ‘real life’ experiences in the field using the building block that have been given during the school session, like any other professional field.

We encourage all of our Design Star Graduates to take the masters classes, as we want all of our  students to be fully prepared for success in the Floral Design Industry.

Ultimate Women’s EXPO Flower Design Stage

Don’t miss the Ultimate Women’s EXPO and the Chicago School of Flower Design Stage coming this Fall (9/13/14 & 9/14/14). The Women’s EXPO has invited the Chicago School of Flower Design to represent the ‘Flower Design Stage’ and we will be hosting several demonstrations through out the day on Saturday and Sunday!!! If you know someone who loves flowers, or maybe you love them too!!!! Don’t miss out on this opportunity, you will not be disappointed!!

Ultimate Women’s EXPO
Sept. 13th & 14th
Time; 10am-5pm
Where: Donald Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont.

Flower Design Tip of the Day

Ever wonder if the flower food packets you get with your flowers at the supermarket really work?

The flower food packets are used to ‘extend the life’ of your flower arrangement…Well, first we should think about what is killing the flowers in the first place.


Before you mess around with those messy packets of flower ‘food’, I would encourage you to keep the water clean and change it every 2 days or so….this will extend the life of your flowers with out messing around with the packets. Flowers are like our bodies and do the best when hydrated with clean fresh water….when changing your water on a regular basis, you are cutting down on the environment that bacteria grows best in.

At the American Schools of Flower Design, we instruct our students to add 1-2 DROPS of household bleach into the water of their arrangements to take care of any pesky bacteria that insists on polluting your water.

So as a recap of the design tip of the day….

1. Change your flower’s water regularly
2. Add 1-2 Drops of household bleach
3. ENJOY!!

Online Videos

Just a friendly reminder that if our in class schedules do not work with your personal schedule…we offer several online videos for your viewing pleasure at your own convenience. Check them out!!

Chicago School of Flower Design’s Summer Semester is coming to a close

The Chicago School of Flower Design is preparing for the final weeks of their 8 week ‘Design Star’ semester and the students have made HUGE advances in their flower design experiences! We are so pleased with how far each of them have come in the quality of work and design that they have accomplished. Congratulations on your up coming graduation and we hope to see you in the masters classes as well!!